So… I have a question for you…:)

Why are you at work?

 We all work for two reasons (hopefully):

1. Because we’re genuinely interested in what we do and have a passion for our career, and

2. Because we need money.  (And we need money for reasons besides the obvious, like  feeding ourselves and providing ourselves with shelter so as not to die on a frozen tundra, etc.)

So. We work because we need money.  Which leads us to the fact that we are trading our time  for money and when we really examine what money is (simply a means to buy things- something to trade for things) we realize that we are ultimately working to buy things. Which is fine- its good! its fun to buy things! (I know I enjoyed my $1.45 small hazelnut coffee this morning ) but what I really want to know is what do you work to buy?  What are the things that you make a mental note about buying once you get your paycheck? What are the things that come up most often when you look at your bank account?

Bottles of wine? Shoes? An IPad? Coors light? A ring? Books? A cruise?  (this last one is my personal favorite purchase in the last year).

What do you work to buy? I’d love for you to answer this question below however you’d like, really simply or really in depth:

I work to buy….


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  1. 1

    amanda said,

    i work to buy (sustain) a roof over my head. i honestly would be able to survive on much less if i wasn’t worried about that. 🙂 LOVE THE BLOG!

  2. 2

    Carly Rose said,

    I work to be able to afford the things that bring happiness to me and those I love — i.e. taking a friend or my parents out to dinner, my mortgage, a raging halloween party (I love introducing friends to friends!), etc.

    Oh, I also keep Mario Batali’s Otto in business (I’m basically the mayor).

  3. 3

    Jason said,

    Definitely work to pay the bills. Sadly. Once those are paid and that CC debt is lower I am going to start working towards a car. I’ll probly get a Rolls.

  4. 4

    raina joy said,

    I work to afford good food from the health food store, and plane tickets to far away lands with a lil change purse to experience the sleeping arrangements wherever that may lead you, the food, the drinks, and the cost of going to the post office to send gifts back to your friends. Currently I like: cheap but quality south african wine & gluten free lemon poppy.seed muffins. of which 6 may or may not have belonged to me. just sayin. food travel and yoga!
    another important question – how does your daily job – at work – at life – as a fulfillment of your role whatever that may be. how does IT and YOU contribute to a better world.

  5. 5

    Mom/Ann said,

    I work for peace of mind and security–that’s what money gets us. security. I work for a sense of fulfillment and that I am doing good things for the world, one teenager at a time….as I work in education.

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