How personal finance knowledge can make you look sexy at a bar

How? Please, continue…

Have you ever walked into a room and had the wind knocked out of you by someone near by? (We’re gonna use a woman for this example). You look at her and there’s this visceral reaction of jealousy and admiration; you want to pick her apart mercilessly while simultaneously becoming her very best friend? Well I have, and let me tell you I’ve spent many hours examining WHY this person makes me feel this way and I’ve come to a few conclusions:

1. She doesn’t need ANYONE to be happy. She is happy as a clam all by herself at the bar, chatting it up with a bartender or a random person near by.

2. She can chat with everyone because she is extremely confident- never projecting “they wont want to talk to me”  rather “oh, they look interesting, I want to talk to them”.

3. She doesn’t need anyone to buy her a drink; she can buy it all by herself-thank-you-very-much. And as a result of all of her chatting from one and two, someone usually buys her a drink anyways. (Even if they don’t, she can still pay for her drink plus a BIG tip).

4. She radiates beauty. And no, I’m not talking 36-24-36 beauty. I’m talking about the “I-have-my-shit-together-because-I-can-support-myself-and-its-effing-awesome-type-beauty”

5. She looks put together and relaxed. Even if she has a mound of curls on her head and is sporting cowboy boots- She is in control of her life and she knows it.

The connection I’m trying to make is this: knowing your financial situation allows you to be in control, and because you are in control, you are confident and because you are confident you are *sexy*. Having a savings account that you automatically contribute to, knowing exactly (to the dollar) how much you get paid each month, contributing to a 401K, keeping cc debt low to nothing, and still enjoying the things in life that are important to you… all of these things enable you to feel strong and most importantly, attractive.  And as a result you are *sexy* and everyone wants to buy you a drink at the bar. See? Everyone wins!!!:)

P.S. I know all of the things I said about 401K’s, cc debt low to nothing, etc. sound like a Willy-Wonka-dreamworld-esque-club that you didn’t get the evite to, but believe me, I’m with you and I have many plans for us to get our shit together financially…:) Stay tuned!


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