Are you up for a little… challenge?

So I recently added a new challenge to my life. My wonderful man and I decided that one of the ways we could save money would be to institute a 1 day spending freeze.  Think about it- not spending one dollar  in NYC for one day- the sentence even sounds bizarre! When was the last day that you didn’t spend even a DOLLAR on something- like coffee with the Truck Dudes, or just a random pack of gum?

I did this challenge on Tuesday last week and it was really interesting.  By 12 pm I had already mentally bought and sold a new apartment and 3 different skirts. From the truck dudes to just random books- god I have a book problem- I thought about spending money about 10 times before I even got to work. But something else really cool happened. I was able to reinforce the idea that often what I want  is usually just a temporary place holder to fill my space/time that if I let pass- will go away quietly. And it plants the small seed of not always giving in to myself for what I want. Not in the “I’m-depriving myself ” sense, but in the “I-am-a-self-disciplined-ninja-who-recognizes-that-that-thing-I-want-is-useless-and-a-waste-of-money” sense which is…. wow, way better.

So I’m going to ramp it up this week and create a lil’ challenge. I’m not going to spend any money tomorrow- OR Wednesday. I’m going to be a self disciplined money master who has her eyes on the financially-secure, out-of-debt, and rocking-my-life prize. Wanna join? Even if you just pick ONE day sometime this week… can you do it for just 24 hours and not spend money? Just try it… it creates a sense of peace,  control and self discipline in a place that often feels wackadoo (the NYC). Do it with me!

See you on the flip side with the results…..


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  1. 1

    single much said,

    OMG. I totally do this sometimes! It’s hard but obviously not THAT hard since I usually succeed. If even I can manage this, I think anyone can. :p

  2. 2

    Jason said,

    I kicked this challenges ass! 2 days in a row, $0 spent. Doing it at least once a week from here on out!

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