Challenge Results!

I must say… I wasn’t a complete success. I had scheduled a doc appointment that I needed to go to for Wednesday afternoon- and with my doctor’s co-pay I was going to fail my own challenge. Effing A. But I decided that I would still count the day even if (technically) I had to spend money on something that was completely unavoidable (it was, I promise).

The most important thing that happened during these two days  was that I was able to stop the cycle of mindless spending. I’m a firm believer that life is all one big fat habit and the habits you create daily end up composing your life. Stemming from even the week before when I didn’t spend any money, I was able to create a new habit of not spending. I was able to reroute my brain from reckless abandon to disicpline. I went into the drug store yesterday and wanted five thousand different things off the shelf, but didn’t have that deep desire/need to buy them all. I had created a habit of patience and discpline. And it felt goooooood.

I want this challenge to be a part of my life on a weekly basis. When I lived outside of NYC,  I can guarantee you that there were at least 3 days a week where I didn’t spend any money and I want this to happen again; I want the 2 days of no spending to be a weekly discipline.

Also, I still have things that I feel like aren’t/weren’t working financially for me but the second I committed to this challenge/mindset, I felt more calm. More in control, more focused… just better.

Up next: Baby Steps Challenge…:)


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