Crazy naked people saving me 155$ a month

I had an  altercation at my 20$ a month gym the other day that put a few things into perspective for me. I was going into the sauna room to relax because I had just run a half marathon (!!!) and my muscles were in need of some serious chilling (or shall we say, heating:).  As I walked into the sauna I heard someone from around the corner yelling something but since I didn’t see any reason why this would be directed at me,  I ignored it. The screeching continued and suddenly a completely naked, soaking wet elderly woman came barreling around the corner squawking at me to take off my clothes and “wash myself”.

“Excuse me?”

“Take off your clothes and wash yourself before you get into that sauna room-you are going to get your toxins EVERYWHERE!!”

Now, since I didn’t know what a disaster these freely flowing toxins were going to cause, under normal-nicely-requested-circumstances,  I would have been happy to shower first to make her feel more comfortable. But since I was shocked and she was rude, I simply asked her to please stop yelling at me. She continued berating me for my lack of sauna etiquette anyways, lumbering back and forth from the steam room to the sauna to the shower and back again. Her final doozy:  “Not everyone needs to sweat in the sauna, this is NOT a weight loss club- I know that’s what you’re using it for. ”

Excuse me?

<Expletives followed, we can skip those>.

<Very. Deep. Breath.> At this point I  understood that this woman had gotten under my skin (in spite of myself) and got into the shower to take a moment to remind myself that a crazy naked woman yelling at me in the shower room is really not the worst thing that can happen to me when- lo and behold- she comes out the steam room STILL yelling: “This club, there’s always something with this club, no towels, no soap, etc. etc” and  RIPS open my SHOWER CURTAIN to ask if there was soap in my soap dispenser.

I know. Your mouth is WIDE open at this point. MINE too.

By this time though- I had reached a place of peace after cursing out a completely naked stranger and come on- she could be OUT OF HER MIND- so I again asked her to leave me alone. Finally, realizing the error of her ways,  she walked away- still screaming about the  club’s lack of amenities and my, MY, obvious mental deficiencies.

Fast forward to this morning with my guest pass to 175$ a month gym. There was *ivy* lining the stairs on the way down to the main fitness area, there were WARM towels waiting for me at every turn, there was shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, hair dryers, razors, amazing classes and equipment- it was  LOVELY; they had EVERYTHING.  And the people were a little more contained and polite there so I don’t think naked women would yell at me.  If it was even remotely possible for my to afford to belong there, I would. In a HEARTBEAT. But I can’t.

However when I look at this another way, there are crazy people at 175$ too. They just come in a different form- some are utter perfectionists who move my stuff when I’m there- if its in “their way” ( in front of their “portion” of the mirror) and there is an element of elitism that bothers me.

Also, my gym is never crowded. It’s around the corner from my work so that I can go during lunch, run a few miles, take a shower and still be gone for only about an hour. And the staff is lovely- the staff at 175$ gym can be kinda uppity.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I got something positive out of this naked-lady-in-the-shower-fiasco:  Instead of focusing on all that I don’t have and can’t afford and the crazy situations that result, I focus on the idea of one day working (as a fitness instructor) at the 175$ a month gym- so that I dont have to pay as much to belong- and maybe even holding the stock one day- if it goes public:) I think about using the spa there and showering leisurely and happily while listening to great music.  As I do this- I’m intending and creating happiness and wealth for myself. My 20$ gym could easily- and I mean EASILY frustrate me and make me angry- “I can’t even afford a good gym”- but I refuse to feel that way about it. It’s 20$ a month and although crazy naked women scream at me and the machines are broken half of the time and a homeless woman occasionally washes her clothes there (not proven but I have my suspicions), people still smile at me when I walk in the door, I get a good workout, and I’m saving myself 155$  a month. And as we all know- soon i’m going to be so rich that 175$  a month will seem like chump change.

Keeping the eye on the prize:)


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