Ima be a freakin millionaire


I think financial goals (and goals in general) are the most important things to have when dealing with moolah,  so I’m writing down the things that I would like to have and experience when I become a freakin millionaire. Feel free to post yours here as well. (Notice, almost all of them aren’t THINGS to BUY to OWN (to possess), rather experiences– more on this later though).

1. I want to go out for scrumdillyumptious meals with friends every night of the week, pay for everything and give the waiter a humongo tip. I want to eat well with my friends and I was a waitress (its effing stressful) – ergo they deserve a lot of money.

2. I want a boat. Not a BIG boat but a medium-sized boat. In this boat I will do many things, but the first thing I will do is take all of my closest family and friends out on Boston Harbor for the Fourth of July, drink pina coladas and coronas and just generally smile a lot. This will happen. But I need a boat first. Maybe I just want to rent one. Either way. A boat is required.

3. I want to buy my mom a house and give her enough money so that she never has to work again and can finally go out and live a life that she loves. ( I should get my dad one too).

4. I want a facial and a massage once a month (good skin is extremely important and the massage goes without saying, I mean come on).

5. I want to be investing 1000$ a month in a retirement account for the next ten years. I will not, I repeat, I will not be worried about money when I am 60 years old -there are way more important things- i.e. strip clubs in Amsterdam and pot brownies- to worry about at that stage in my life.

6. I want enough money so that I can take a hip hop class anytime I want. I’m bad at hip hop and would love to be better. And I need schooling for this endeavor, so I need to take classes.

7. I want to donate to and participate in women’s organizations (specializing in rape and HIV related issues) in Africa.

8. I want leather boots. My shoes always have holes, and while I’m a HUGE fan of worn in clothing (more on this later) holes in shoes always represent some type of financial lack to me- I want shoes with no holes.

9.  I want to jump in a car- rental car, minivan, effing 1978 cadi- I don’t care- and go apple picking in Connecticut without having to worry about the cost. I want pumpkins and apple pie and I want them now.

10. I want to go to France on a whim and stay in a hotel for weeks and speak french and look at art and read and sleep.

11. I want to get all of my best friends together and take them on an all-expense paid vacation to some amazing tropical location for a week.  I absolutely would not be where I am without the love that my friends have given me over the years. And money doesn’t mean jack if you can’t share it with other people.

12. I want to regularly invest in the stock market  and run my own portfolio.

13. I want my own apartment. Not a crazy huge thing somewhere “popular” , rather, a small, fit-for-jilly apartment that has everything I need; a lot of windows  and counter space. I don’t need a dishwasher or a second room. I just want my own space with my own shower and the knowledge that how I leave my kitchen in the AM will be how it looks in the PM.

14. I want to be able to take a class- in any subject – any time I want.  I am a voracious reader (that word always makes me think of dinosaurs) and I love to learn and I want to know. I cannot say this enough, or simply enough. I want to learn as much as humanly possible and taking classes and experiencing things are the best way I know how.

So as I read over this list, what becomes clear to me is that I want financial independence.  I find one of the most integral parts to being a happy, healthy individual is being wealthy –in all senses of the word. I don’t want a ton of things but I do want a ton of EXPERIENCES and a ton of TIME to enjoy these experiences. Which leads me to being a freakin millionaire. I think a million dollars coupled with the fact that I don’t want a lot of material goods or liabilities (more on this later) is sufficient enough to support a lifestyle of conscious spending, enjoying life with the ones I love and sharing my money in the best way possible.

What do you wanna do with your millions?

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    Mom/Ann said,

    Hey there, Girl–I want to do lots of stuff, especially help you pay off your college loans. The house, yes, the house has to happen–but the most important thing would be to take friends and family to nice weekends in NYC with you (or wherever!) and really do the town…. oh, yes, and the dog. A pound puppy with a lot of charm, just like Chloe:)

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