IntenSati with JillyP!

So this is a slight deviation from the norm for this website  but I wanted to include information on a practice that I teach and absolutely love.

I teach IntenSati. What is IntenSati? Let me tell you…

IntenSati is a cardio workout fusing high-energy aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, and strength conditioning. The kicker and most interesting part is that we add spoken affirmations to the choreography. IntenSati then becomes a heart-pumping , kickass workout that builds physical, mental and spiritual muscle.

See? Sounds fun right?

Now, I know that the spoken affirmations part can be difficult to process at first and the fact that it combines, oh I dunno, every fitness workout under the sun can be kind of daunting physically. BUT if you’ve never done Sati before, you MUST know this practice is really here for you to do your personal best (whatever that is) while getting an amazing workout at the same time:)

My next class will be held on Sunday May 1rst on the 3rd Floor Multi-Purpose Room at the Palladium at NYU. Entrance is on 140 E 14th St next to the Trader Joe’s. If you already have an NYU ID, you can just show up, if you dont, give me your name and I’ll put you on the guest list!

I am also developing an IntenSati program that combines our money lives with our fitness lives… kind of like a Making Money/IntenSati Bootcamp- I’d love to hear any ideas/questions/comments/things you need help on financially- so please leave them below. Thanks for coming to my website and stay tuned!!


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